Construction is for everyone

The industry is filled with exciting and flexible opportunities that don’t require a 4-year degree.

Construction firms are looking to hire over 345,000 people right now. That number will only expand as many older workers retire. Begin your high-paying construction career now.

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Group of construction workers talking with the foreman on a job site

The construction industry is eager to recruit and train more women—a group that is among the fastest growing segment of the construction workforce.

High School Graduates

Most construction career opportunities do not require a college degree, yet still offer the kind of pay and benefits that lead to a comfortable, middle-class lifestyle. With a high school degree and a solid work ethic, anytime can find the right position within the construction industry to launch their career.


Veterans have a unique advantage when it comes to pursuing construction careers. They know how to work in a team, have experience overcoming unique challenges and are comfortable working in all types of environments.


Construction careers offer a reliable path to the American dream for countless legal immigrants to the United States. Newcomers to the country with a good work ethic, ability to work well with others and some experience in construction have long found success with construction careers.

College Graduates

Applicants with college degrees can choose from career paths that include time on construction sites, in the construction trailer and working in the main office.

Career Changers

Whether you are tired of working in a fluorescent-lit cube farm, discovered your prior career was not essential, or are just ready to a change, the construction industry is ready to get you trained, hired and paid.